2024 will look like, astrology speaking


How were the past 12 months for you? Did 2023 fly by in a joyful haze, or are you ready to run screaming into 2024? In any case, a brand-new year means we have an opportunity to reflect, refresh, and reset. Time to make some highfalutin … and what better way to do it than through astrology.

Anticipating the major astrological happenings of 2024, along with the major themes each zodiac sign should expect, will help you plan and prepare. Don’t you want 2024 to be the best year yet,fill with love  abundance, and exciting opportunities popping out of thin air?! At the very least, you’ll want to mark your calendar for mercury so you can scapegoat accordingly.


the biggest themes influencing the lives of each zodiac sign in 2024:÷

  1. Aries: Autonomy, communication, structure
  • Taurus: Values, intuition, pleasure
  • Gemini: Community, independence, responsibilities
  • Cancer: Career, healing, collaboration
  • Leo: Expansion, networking, resources
  • Virgo: Intimacy, reputation, individuality
  • Libra: Partnership, creativity, depth
  • Scorpio: Stability, transformation, connection
  • Sagittarius: Romance, relationships, legacy
  • Capricorn: Family, routine, discovery
  • Aquarius: Innovation, passion, wellness
  • Pisces: Breakthroughs, alliances, contracts

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